July 11, 2023
Electrical Maintenance Plan is Smart Move – And is Required.

Elements of an electrical maintenance plan

Under NFPA 70B, plant teams are responsible for ensuring that these elements and processes are part of every EMP:

  • Verify that all equipment and systems comply with applicable installation codes and standards by inspection.
  • Consider the current condition of maintenance of electrical equipment and systems and the potential safety and operational risks to maintenance and operational personnel.
  • Define EMP principles upon which the plan is based and goals to be achieved. It should be designed to function in conjunction with the applicable electrical safety program.
  • Identify personnel responsible for implementing each element of the program.
  • Survey and analyze electrical equipment and systems to determine maintenance requirements and priorities.
  • Document maintenance procedures for equipment, including a plan for inspections, servicing and suitable test.
  • Develop a records-retention policy for maintenance, equipment and personnel documentation.
  • Outline a process to prescribe, implement and document corrective measures based on collected data.
  • Develop a process for incorporating design for maintainability in electrical installation.
  • Determine a program review and revision process that considers failures and finding for continuous improvement.
  • Identify the controls by which it is measured and monitored.
  • Develop a method to use feedback reports, such as electrical safety incidents, equipment malfunctions, unintended operation or alarms, and operation of protective devices, for EMP refinement.

Other EMP requirements:

  • The plan should be audited at least every five years.
  • The EMP should identify an EMP coordinator.
  • Personnel assigned to EMP duties should be trained in the specific maintenance tasks, test methods, test equipment, PPE usage, and hazards associated with the electrical equipment of system being services.
  • All training must be documented.

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