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Realtime Asset and LOTO

Quicker, safer, and simpler facility and inventory intelligence

take the guesswork out of asset management

With REALTIME Asset Manager, upload live field intelligence, including photos, videos, and documentation, to ensure prompt resolution of alerts. Plus, benefit from seamless communication across all levels of your operations, effortlessly track changes, access comprehensive work history, and comply with the 2023 NFPA 70B maintenance

Why Realtime Asset Manager
  • Receive instant notifications for requirement issues or changes.
  • Access system equipment data from the office or mobile device.
  • Store and update electrical safety documentation seamlessly.
  • Schedule and record preventative maintenance.
  • View the exact location in the plant using REALTIMEais’s Smart Label Pin Drop Locator.

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  • Streamline data collection and tracking processes for your team.
  • Minimize training time and learning curves.
  • Eliminate trips back to the device to confirm data.
  • Ensure safe facility operations with up-to-date records.
  • Cut costs replacing labels and other documents with smart label technology.
  • Access comprehensive activity and reporting history for workers and equipment.

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Ready to level up? REALTIME LOTO enhances your facility’s safety with unmatched efficiency and control. Access critical 360-degree
documentation from any device or via a custom QR code. Get comprehensive information on equipment operations, shutdowns, audit
reminders, and more, ensuring that you and your workers are always informed and compliant. Invest in the ultimate safety and efficiency
upgrade today.

Experience the complete power of with the seamless integration of the REALTIME LOTO Products, designed to work
effortlessly with REALTIME Asset Manager as a part of our Premium Subscription Plan.

Asset Manager Products
Asset Number
Building / Location
Electrical System Data Collection Entry Fields (Data Collection)
Energy Types / Magnitudes / Values
Equipment “Shell”
Equipment Category
Equipment Discrepancy Listings / Notifications
Equipment Export to PDF
Equipment Main image
Equipment Modification Tracking / Listings / Notifications
Equipment Name / Equipment System ID
Equipment PM Timeline / Images / Docs / Videos
Facility Specific Settings / Sorting
Forms / Documents / Images / Videos
Parent / Child Equipment connectivity linking (& reporting)
Secondary Image library / listing
LOTO accessory Library / Listing
PPE Image Library / Listing
REALTIME Status: Start Up / Shutdown / Draft
Warning Label Library / Listing
Equipment Cloning
Create Internal Children Shells Available Upon Request
Create Panel Schedules Available Upon Request
Incident Energy Analysis Labels Values
Conduit Numbering
Conduit Size and Type / Wire Size and Insulation
Box Measurements
Scheduling / Reminders / Recording
Visual Maintenance Inspections / Classification / Listings
Image / Documents / Video Entries
Individual Device / Bulk Scheduling / Bulk Clearing
Procedure Step Details
Job Planning / Scheduling / Job Briefing Forms
Energized Work Permits
Affected and Authorized Person Notifications
Rescue Working Identifying / Notifications
Job Approval Requests / Authorizations
Paper or Paperless Planning Info.
LOTO Audit Scheduling / Recording / Tracking
REALTIME Risk Available Upon Request Available Upon Request
Bulk “Template” Risk Assessments Available Upon Request Available Upon Request

Driven by first-hand feedback and insights from industry experts and contractors, REALTIMEais Products were designed to address the challenges that companies and their workers face every day, ensuring a safer and more efficient operational landscape.

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