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REALTIME Training – Training and Testing LMS

Next generation safety and productivity training for businesses and teams

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Transform your onboarding and continued education programming with REALTIME Training, the industry-leading LMS designed to boost your team’s productivity and enhance workplace safety.

Crafted by industry experts, our curated course library identifies learning gaps and mitigates accident risks, providing cloud-based insights from any device.

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REALTIME Training and insights are tailored to your teams to maximize
impact and learning engagement.

Elevate your people
  • Train when it’s most convenient.
  • Receive notifications and reminders.
  • Absorb material at your pace, not the instructors
  • Access insights, courses, and certificates from anywhere, anytime..
Billed Monthly Pay as You Go User Seat Licenses
Library Access Full Full Library Subscription Required
User Access Unlimited Unlimited Based on seats purchased
Admin Rights Full “Review admin” access Full
2-Hour Admin. Onboarding Yes Yes Yes
User-Created Content Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
User Created Content Billing Per usage Per usage Unlimited
Course Assignments Access 7 or 30 days 7 or 30 days User customer time frames

Driven by first-hand feedback and insights from industry experts and contractors, REALTIMEais Products were designed to address the challenges that companies and their workers face every day, ensuring a safer and more efficient operational landscape.

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30+ years of
electrical safety and consulting expertise

The Difference

Being proactive means more than just an absence of accidents. implements robust safety
protocols and continuous training, maintenance, and risk assessments.

Without these measures, we're simply leaving your well-being up to chance. Join us in creating a quicker,
simpler, and safer future with

    Receive a guided tour of the leading technology for asset management
    and electrical risk mitigation.

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