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Revolutionary tool tracking to boost your bottom line

Transform your daily operations

Experience unparalleled savings and efficiency with REALTIME Tool’s cutting-edge tracking software, guaranteeing rapid tool allocation and economical management.

Stay informed with scheduling, maintenance tracking and monitoring expenses as they happen – directly from one all-encompassing solution.

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  • Access inventory and tool details.
  • Schedule tool requests.
  • Schedule and record tool inspections.
  • Order and record services.
  • Record and process receipts.

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  • Eliminate multi-project tool conflicts.
  • Access tool details from any device.
  • Retrieve inspection records as they happen.
  • View tool service status.

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Driven by first-hand feedback and insights from industry experts and contractors, REALTIMEais Products were designed to address the challenges that companies and their workers face every day, ensuring a safer and more efficient operational landscape.

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30+ years of
electrical safety and consulting expertise

The Difference

Being proactive means more than just an absence of accidents. implements robust safety
protocols and continuous training, maintenance, and risk assessments.

Without these measures, we're simply leaving your well-being up to chance. Join us in creating a quicker,
simpler, and safer future with

    Receive a guided tour of the leading technology for asset management
    and electrical risk mitigation.

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