Device Tracking In The Cloud

The Asset Management dashboard provides a REALTIME view of equipment status and the quickest method for gathering technical data in the field.

“A “simplified field data collection tool” that saves time and increases efficiency.

REALTIME asset management lets Users enter images, videos or documents pertinent to the status of equipment which eliminates:

  • Misinterpretation issues from field to engineering office.
  • Trips back to field in order to view equipment for missing information or clarifications.
  • Second guessing on status of equipment.

REALTIME asset management reporting tools take the guess work out of management by providing:

  • Immediate notifications of equipment placed in alert out to the field.
  • Categorizing discrepancies and status of items placed in alert.
  • Scheduled maintenance reminders as well as maintaining an entire history of all past work completed on the equipment.
  • Easiest process to train field technicians on requirements for needed data.
  • The ability for more basic drawing and deliverables to still be user friendly.

Asset Manager Module Video

LOTO Module Video

Asset Manager/Loto Module Brochure


User Features & Benefits:

  • Access to system equipment details from the field.
  • Custom equipment procedures (Start up, Shut down, or Misc. tasks).
  • Instant notifications of requirement issues or changes.
  • Lock out procedure or Asset Manager modules.
  • All of your electrical safety documentation created in one step
    • Energized work permits
    • Job Breifings
    • Rescue Plans
    • Task Risk Assessments
  • Multi event preventative maintenance scheduling/ recording
  • Simplest/Quickest data collection tool for cost efficient arc flash studies/updates.

Administrative Functions & Reports:

  • Access to REALTIME equipment issues and change tracking.
  • Job planning schedules and approval access.
  • Trends in incorrect answers may suggest lessons were not clear.
  • Ability to create custom training courses specific to facility needs.
  • Share valuable documents to field personnel without making countless copies.
  • Procedure auditing tool to allow for up keep of OSHA required procedure audits.

Administrative Benefits:

  • Creates simple way to involve your team in data collection /change tracking process.
  • Cuts down on training/learning curve.
  • Quicker process to get needed data.
  • Less chance of going back to equipment for missed data.
  • Cuts down on interpretation issues.
  • Keeps the facility running safety by efficiently keeping records up to date.
  • Smart label technology prevents costly upkeep of label replacing.
  • Quickly view of work activity and history reporting by equipment/worker/dates.
  • Allow pictures and videos to be used to cut down on misinterpretations of process /procedures.



  • REALTIME-Asset Manager  has simplified keeping up with inspection tasks in our shop and providing trackable progress for easy accountability... And REALTIME-Training has made it easy for us to see who has completed required safety training and who needs a "friendly reminder" to finish.

    Christopher M. Finan Dealer Principal Schoner Chevrolet
  • We have been using REALTIMEais for all our electrical training for over 2 years now.   We expanded our onboard training program and have used the easy to upload custom testing features to provide trigger reminders, progress tracking and auto generated certificates.  

    John Norman Blue Triton Brands / Controls Coordinator
  • If I had to summarize the best things about using REALTIMEais it would be seeing the actual results achieved from training our employees and the peace of mind knowing that we're getting the training done and doing it right.

    John Norman Blue Triton Brands / Controls Coordinator
  • With over 80 employees that I needed to manage and maintain  training and recordkeeping - REALTIMEais has given us a singular place to do all of it, in a very user friendly and customizable format, it has been an incredible time saver that has provided us better training results - A real win-win for us!      

    John Norman Blue Triton Brands / Controls Coordinator
  • As soon as I saw everything that REALTIMEais can do we begin using it even though I was concerned that implementing or transitioning would be harder than it was.  it went very smooth, and we had lots of support from the REALTIMEais team.  

    John Norman Blue Triton Brands / Controls Coordinator



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