Fleet Management In The Cloud

Track and manage your vehicles easier than you have ever imagined:
Track vehicles for:

  • Who is assigned to or what location
  • Out of service and/or expected return
  • Scheduled for service with notifications
  • Employees request and notification of service needs
  • Fuel records (including receipt photo and shared to the accounting department in “REALTIME”)

Knowing where your vehicles are and their condition can give you the ability to assure all your vehicles are “making you money!”

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User Features & Benefits:

  • Full inventory & vehicle detail viewing.
  • Vehicle scheduling requests.
  • Inspection scheduling / reminders / recording.
  • Service requesting/ scheduling / recording.
  • Fuel / service receipt recording / accounting.

Administrative Functions & Reports:

  • Inspections history reports.
  • Fuel records.
  • Schedule assignments.
  • Customizable inventory lists  by categories / subcategories.

Administrative Benefits:

  • See vehicle details from office or mobile device.
  • Eliminates costly last minute conflicts over vehicles needed by multiple projects.See inspection records as they happen.
  • Be able to see where all your vehicle are 24 hours a day.
  • Enhanced ability to see vehicle that are in need of service or “cleaning out” .
  • Access to all vehicle documents from your phone.



  • REALTIME-Asset Manager  has simplified keeping up with inspection tasks in our shop and providing trackable progress for easy accountability... And REALTIME-Training has made it easy for us to see who has completed required safety training and who needs a "friendly reminder" to finish.

    Christopher M. Finan Dealer Principal Schoner Chevrolet
  • We have been using REALTIMEais for all our electrical training for over 2 years now.   We expanded our onboard training program and have used the easy to upload custom testing features to provide trigger reminders, progress tracking and auto generated certificates.  

    John Norman Blue Triton Brands / Controls Coordinator
  • If I had to summarize the best things about using REALTIMEais it would be seeing the actual results achieved from training our employees and the peace of mind knowing that we're getting the training done and doing it right.

    John Norman Blue Triton Brands / Controls Coordinator
  • With over 80 employees that I needed to manage and maintain  training and recordkeeping - REALTIMEais has given us a singular place to do all of it, in a very user friendly and customizable format, it has been an incredible time saver that has provided us better training results - A real win-win for us!      

    John Norman Blue Triton Brands / Controls Coordinator
  • As soon as I saw everything that REALTIMEais can do we begin using it even though I was concerned that implementing or transitioning would be harder than it was.  it went very smooth, and we had lots of support from the REALTIMEais team.  

    John Norman Blue Triton Brands / Controls Coordinator



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