Caught-In/Between Hazards in Construction Environments


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Caught-in/between accidents occur when a person is squeezed, caught, crushed,
pinched or compressed between two or more objects. They are one of the four top
causes of fatalities in construction work and can result in serious injuries as well.
REALTIME-SAFETY’s training products on “Caught-In/Between Hazards in
Construction Environments” provide the information employees need to recognize
the caught-in/between hazards that are associated with construction tasks and
avoid them before accidents happen.

Topics covered in these products include:
 What are caught-in/between hazards?
 The three major types of caught-in/between hazards.
 Trenching, scaffolding and demolition.
 Vehicles and heavy equipment.
 Powered tools and machinery.

This Micro-Learning curriculum includes the following modules:
 “What are caught-in/between hazards?”
 “The three major types of caught-in/between hazards”
 “Trenching, scaffolding and demolition”
 “Vehicles and heavy equipment”
 “Powered tools and machinery”

*Available in English and Spanish (VCS17276_SP).