HAZWOPER: Dealing with The Media in Emergency Situations




As part of its HAZWOPER regulations, OSHA created comprehensive training
standards to make sure that employees can recognize, handle and dispose of
HAZMATs and hazardous waste safely.
REALTIME-SAFETY’s training products on “HAZWOPER: Dealing with The Media in
Emergency Situations” help employees understand the importance of building a
good relationship with the media and how to deal with the media during an

Topics covered in these products include:
 Establishing a relationship with the media before a crisis occurs.
 The duties and responsibilities of the Public Information Officer (PIO).
 Early response to the media during an incident.
 Ensuring the safety of the media.
 Unauthorized communication with the media.
 The consequences of rumors and misinformation.

This Micro-Learning curriculum includes the following modules:
 “How to Establish a Good Press Relationship”
 “PIO in Action”
 “Employee Responsibility”
 “How to Handle the Press”

*Available in Emglish and  Spanish (VCS00DAL_SP)