Conflict Resolution in the Office


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Conflict in the workplace is inevitable. Anytime two or more people come together,
they will eventually disagree about something. While some conflict can be healthy, it is
often an indication that there is something wrong. Conflict is frequently a “call to
action”… a problem crying out for a solution.
The good news about conflict is that it is usually based on “caring”. The more someone
defends their point of view in an argument, the more they care. But if conflict can
fester and grow without a resolution, it can lead to serious problems such as threats
and even physical violence. The effectiveness of an entire organization can be harmed
if conflict can escalate.
REALTIME-SAFETY’s training products on “Conflict Resolution in the Office” discuss the
techniques and strategies that can be used to limit the damage and disruption conflict
can cause in the workplace. They show employees that when difficult situations are
dealt with in a calm and unemotional way, compromise and collaboration are
possible… and a lot can be gained from resolving a conflict.

Topics covered in these products include:
 The consequences of conflict and how it can disrupt the workplace.
 How resolving workplace conflict is an integral part of everyone’s job.
 The common causes of workplace conflict and how to recognize them.
 Diffusing disagreements before they get out of hand.
 The damage that escalating conflict and violence can do to an organization.
 How collaboration can be a valuable tool in resolving conflicts.
 How to apply proven conflict resolution techniques and strategies.

This Micro-Learning curriculum includes the following modules:
 “Types of Conflicts”
 “Conflict Resolution”
 “Confrontations”
 “Consequences of Unresolved Conflict

*Available in English and Spanish (VCS06058_SP)