Electrical Safety for Decision Makers


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The basic purpose of your electrical safety program should be to prevent accidents,
injuries and equipment damage.

This course outlines a template approach on how to address these areas of
concern to ensure that your electrical safety program is effective, as well as how to
make some of the more difficult program decisions.

REALTIME-AIS’s training products on ” Electrical safety program for decision
makers” details this information in a way to make it easier to ensure your electrical
safety program is able to achieve the ultimate goal which is worker safety!

This Micro-Learning curriculum includes the following modules:
 “Purpose and policy”
 “Responsibilities”
 “Employee classification decisions”
 “Employee training requirements”
 ” Inspections & Audit standards”
 “Equipment standards”
 “Standard electrical work requirements”
 “Personal protective Equipment”
 “Labels and signs”
 “Physical protection requirements”
 “Circuit Protection Devices”
 “Safe Work Practices Concepts”
 “Preventative maintenance”
 ” Assessing Hazards and Risk”