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The NFPA received 3,730 public inputs recommending Code change, resulting in 1,400 first revisions (FR). The NFPA also received 1,9 30 public comments, producing 634 second revisions. Seventy-three correlating FRs and four new articles emerged in the 2020 NEC.

Many of the changes and new rules address new technologies, such as expanded use of energy storage systems and equipment, microgrid installations, and large scale photovoltaic system installations. The following is a summary of the new articles in the 2020 NEC.

  • This course includes 7 modules (with a total of 5 1/2 hours of presentations)
  • Each with a quiz and then a final examwith a certificate of achievement.
  • Presented by John Labriola of TA191.com
  • With over 43 years of code instruction experience.
  • This Micro-Learning curriculum includes the following modules
    (Each is available as separate courses):
    • VCM-JL20101: 2020 NEC Part 1: Introduction and Chapter 1 (C level)
    • VCM-JL20102: 2020 NEC Part 2: Chapter 2: Wiring Protection (D level)
    • VCM-JL20103: 2020 NEC Part 3: Chapter 2: Grounding and Bonding (C level)
    • VCM-JL20104: 2020 NEC Part 4: Wiring Methods and Materials (C level)
    • VCM-JL20105: 2020 NEC Part 5: Equipment for General Use (B level)
    • VCM-JL20106: 2020 NEC Part 6: Special Occupancies (B level)
    • VCM-JL20107: 2020 NEC Part 7: Chapters 6-9 (C level)